A Box of Habitat

Woodend Landcare has partnered with Tree Project to offer ‘A Box of Habitat’ to Woodend residents. Each box ($40) comes with approximately 48 native plants – carefully selected to suit the Woodend area. They include a range of grasses, ground cover, shrubs and a few trees, and ensures recipients get a really interesting and diverse box of habitat.

Seedlings for the boxes are grown by committed volunteers through Tree Project, with additional (and more difficult-to-grow) species through local native plant nurseries.

In 2020, we were thrilled with the level of interest from local residents; in total, we received orders for 95 boxes from 34 Woodend residents (see map). Following the storm of 9 June, we sourced an additional 500 plants to create a further 16 boxes. This latter group will be distributed to local properties that had severe tree loss.

The success of the project means that 5060 native plants will be added to properties around Woodend, a wonderful habitat boost for our native animals, birds and insects.

Special thanks to Chloe Green from Howzit Greeny for the fabulous logo and also to Penny Roberts from Newham Landcare for her guidance on working with Tree Project and generous offer of local seed.