Quarry Road Reserve

In Spring and early Summer, Quarry Road is one of the best areas for viewing wildflowers in Woodend. The area has been lovingly restored and maintained by the Thursday crew for over 8 years. Woodend Landcare is working closely with the Thursday Crew and V/line to protect the most significant native areas and create guidelines for management.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of our Quarry Road wildflowers brochure. quarry-rd-poster

On the 14th of November 2016, ecologist Karl Just inspected the roadside and rail reserve on the north side of Quarry Road in Woodend. The aim was to document the type and condition of the vegetation. While a detailed plant survey was not undertaken, a preliminary list of vascular plant species observed was compiled.  The site contains at least two threatened species, including the endangered Eucalyptus aggregata (Black Gum) and the rare Geranium sp. 3 (Pale-flower Crane’s-bill).  You can view Karl’s report by clicking here.


Spring 2016 had a stunning display of wildflowers.