The Thursday Work Crew

The Thursday Crew weekly working bees are held almost every Thursday morning at 9 a.m at various sites around Woodend.The crew now have as many as 12 blokes and ladies sharing the work with new members always welcome.

ThursdaycrewThe crew initially started out clearing weeds along the Quarry Road Rail Reserve. They began to look for new fields to conquer, as their early efforts have had such good results, that only general maintenance is now needed. They have spent several mornings cleaning up woody weeds around the Jeffreys St bridge, on the northern side of the Creek. They have also helped Brian Christie in clearing the area of Urquhart St below the ‘No Through Road’ sign.

For the last couple of years the crew have been working on their most ambitious project – the restoration of Lake Earnshaw.

For more information and to join in on the fun please contact Ken Lawford on 0418 756 480 or for details.