Fungi ecology workshops and seminars in Woodend (6 & 7 April)

Photo (c) Alison Pouliot

Photo (c) Alison Pouliot

The Victorian Fungi Workshops are running again this autumn with a variety of seminars, workshops, forays and feasts on offer.

Fungi- An Introduction to a Curious Kingdom
This workshop will introduce participants to the diversity and curiosities of the fungi kingdom. It includes an interactive and illustrated seminar exploring the major fungal groups, tips for fungus identification and a discussion of the natural and cultural history of fungi. After lunch we will make an exciting foray into local forests to search for species of interest. Many fungal specimens will be displayed, discussed and examined during the workshop. Time: 10:30 – 16:30 Cost: $75 Bookings: 5427 1845 or

The Bizarre & the Beautiful – A Deeper Exploration of a Curious Kingdom
This workshop will take participants deep into the fungi kingdom with a close look at the major characteristics used to identify fungi in the field. The workshop includes an illustrated seminar, a display of local specimens, an interactive specimen identification session and a foray into local forests. Participants are encouraged to bring along specimens for the identification session. Time: 10:30 – 16:30 Cost: $75- Bookings: 5427 1845 or

Additional information available from Alison Pouliot’s website

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