Our bees and work group

Our last bee was with the Woodend Scouts on an overcast day. They all mucked in
and did a great job clearing blackberry thickets and fallen trees from their special location.
We especially loved the bonfire and took the opportunity to warm ourselves
by it.

Thursday’s work crew now have as many as 12 blokes sharing the work. They have begun  to look for new fields to conquer, as their early efforts have had such good results, that only general maintenance is now needed. They have spent several mornings cleaning up a patch of woody weeds around the Jeffreys St bridge, on the northern side of the Creek. They have also helped Brian Christie in clearing the area of Urquhart St below the ‘No Through Road’ sign. A grant we received will enable this project to continue and expand.

The next bee will be on June 26th at Wood St.