Next Working Bee (Sunday 27th May) and Other News…

Hello Woodend Landcare friends,
An up and coming working bee and a few bits of news for your interest … we hope to see you on the 27th!
Next Working Bee
Our next working bee takes place on Sunday the 27th of May. We are meeting at 9.30am at the northern end of Wood St (next to the removalist yard).
The main aim is to continue the works we started at the last working bee where we got in amongst the creek-side plantings, located scattered gorse and blackberry plants, and cut and painted them. We then burned them on a bonfire together with flood debris and some broken tree limbs we cleaned up. We may also do some whipper snipping around the plantings and some old plant guard removal.
Attendees may be interested to note that there is a very large pile of woodchips at the site. If anyone wants to bring along their trailer, they are welcome to take some home.
Tennyson St Willows
Anyone who walks regularly along Five Mile Creek will notice that the willows near Tennyson St have been removed. This work has been funded through a grant from the North Central Catchment Management Authority. The contractor, Maine Environmental, still has a bit more cleaning up to do in the area and the Thursday Crew might spend some time down there too. We will be returning in spring to plant in the area. This project is making another significant step in restoring biodiversity along the creek. A huge thanks to Peter Yates for all the time he has put in to coordinate it.
Thursday Crew
Our regular Thursday crew have completed a big job on the creek near the tennis club. They have cleared a large number of small to medium willows from the creek bed and left some great flats or islands in the bed which could now be planted with suitable creek plants such as bottlebrush and tea-tree. They, in fact, found an old gnarled tea-tree amongst the willows and managed to save it. Go to the car park between the pool and the tennis club and walk to the creek – you will be pleasantly surprised. Thanks fellas!
Trees for Mum
Thanks to all those who participated in the Woodend Trees for Mum Mother’s Day tree planting. The reponse to this inaugural event was overwhelming. We estimate about 150 people attended, planting over 120 native trees and grasses the rear of Five Mile Creek Reserve. We are pleased that so many people had the opportunity to create a living legacy on Mother’s Day, especially those remembering loved ones who have passed away.
A huge thanks to those who made the day happen. Angela Van Dam and husband Jason did a power of work to organize the funding and publicity as well as a lot of direct hands on work on the day. Peter Jones from MRSC arranged a very short notice mowing of the site for us. Evan Murfett and Peter Yates raked and sprayed the site and planned the layout. Brendan Smith provided us with the great plants at mates rates. Trevor Barker facilitated the funding from North Central Catchment Management Authority and then spent the entire day with us helping with everything. Jo Clancy did much organizing as well as cooking and then working with registrations on the day. Kate Daniel dragged the tool trailer to the site and spent the day helping show people how and where to plant. John Newell helped with everything from digging holes for the planters to helping with the cleanup and the watering. It was a great team effort.
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