The Best Nest – What does it take to build the best nest?

A very proud Ellie

A very proud Ellie

Children who took part in Woodend Landcare’s The Best Nest workshop at the recent Woodend Children’s Festival discovered that a great selection of natural and recycled materials, nimble fingers and some love and care certainly helps. And in the process, we all had a ball exploring, creating and celebrating the hidden homes of our fine-feathered friends.

Thanks to those who joined in – we estimate over 300 nests were created on the day – and to the Woodend Children’s Festival for warmly welcoming Landcare into their exciting program.



IMG_2551[1] IMG_2558[1] IMG_2566[1] IMG_2576[2] IMG_2592[2] IMG_2593[1]

One thought on “The Best Nest – What does it take to build the best nest?

  1. The Best Nest. Well done to those involved with this great activity. Such a creative way to engage children in a hands on environmental type project. You have stimulated the minds of the future custodians of our environment.

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