Thanks to everyone who attended the AGM on 12 July

The year was dissected, our achievements celebrated, members and supporters thanked, and a new committee elected.

Read copy of the Woodend Landcare AGM Report 2014 here.

Naturalist Tanya Loos gave a wonderful talk about nature’s six seasons in our part of the world. Tanya has observed the long winter, the later spring and short but intense true summer are hallmarks of our area, with the timing of wildflowers, the arrival and behaviour of certain animals and birds quite different to surrounding regions. Extra points to Tanya for improvising so effortlessly when the projector gave up the ghost and her beautiful photos could only be seen on the laptop. The talk was a great motivator and we’re all now longing for those warm summer evenings when we can next go for a nature

Reminder: $20 membership fees fell due on 30 June

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