24 April Working Bee and Other News

Next Working Bee: 24th April 2016
Help us get our 2016 Trees for Mum site prepared on Sunday the 24th of April.

Help us get our 2016 Trees for Mum site prepared by laying jute mat on Sunday the 24th of April.

What: Site preparation on the creek flats near the Woodend Children’s Park for Tree for Mum 2016. Tasks include laying jute mat and removing ivy and other weeds from the site.
When: 9am – noon, 24th April 2016
Where: Campaspe Park, north side of Five Mile Creek, near the single tennis court.
Bring: Gumboots and gloves
Eat/drink: Hot drinks and morning tea provided
RSVP: Krista on 5427 2140 or woodendlandcare@gmail.com

Swamp Wallabies return to Five Mile Creek

Peter Yates has written the following piece about our latest discovery along Five Mile Creek.

wallabia-bicolorSwamp Wallabies are like a smaller, darker version of a Kangaroo. They are beautiful little animals and unlike kangaroos, they are more or less defenceless against dogs. In the past, they probably lived in the bushier areas along Five Mile Creek in Woodend , but in recent years they seem to have disappeared. This may be partly due to the increased prevalence of uncontrolled dogs.

Legally dogs are permitted to be off-leash as long as they don’t harass wildlife. Many people are quite sure that their off-leash dogs are harmless and don’t represent a threat to people or animals, but this is often not the reality. Voice control is never as effective as a leash. Dogs are companion animals and they certainly enjoy their walks just as much if they are with you all the time on a leash, so it should not be regarded as an imposition on their freedom.

At our recent Landcare working bee, a swamp wallaby was seen browsing between the walking track and the creek. At the same time numbers of off leash dogs were seen passing with their owners. This is an appeal to all dog owners to please consider making a small change if they are in the habit of letting their dogs roam near them during walks.  Many of us live in Woodend because of the fabulous natural environment it offers. Wallabies are beautiful, inoffensive, defenceless animals and it would be great if we could allow  them to co-exist with us in their natural habitat without threats like off-leash dogs. In the not too distant past, Landcare members have witnessed a loving pet Labrador harassing an injured wallaby which subsequently had to be put down. Please give this some thought.

Guard Removal Working Bee Success

Meet our latest Woodend Landcare working bee recruits… hardworking Annie and Ned helped us to remove several garbage bags full of old tree guards from our past revegetation sites along the Five Mile Creek at our last working bee on the 3rd of April. Thanks to everyone who came along and to Chris and Susan for the tasty morning tea.

nedannieNorth Central Chat – Landcare News

The April 2016 edition of the North Central CMA publication ‘chat’ is now available (click here), covering Landcare and Waterwatch activities in the local area. In addition, an interesting fungi workshop is coming up in Baynton on the 30th April 2016, see flyer below for more details.

baynton sidonia fungi

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  1. Good Afternoon

    Are you able to please advise if you received my previous email seeking advice and assistance with the planting out of my winter creek in Mount Macedon?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards Jamie Byron

    Jamie Byron p: PO Box 98 Mount Macedon VIC 3441 m: 0412 108 467 e: jamiem.byron@gmail.com


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