Woodend Landcare News: September 2016

Grab your diary, a cup of tea, and enjoy our jam-packed September News. We have heaps to share… our next working bee is in a couple of weeks, we’ve developed a very useful local plant guide and had grant success, and there are some fantastic local environment events coming up. Please forward this information on to anyone who might be interested. And thanks for subscribing to Woodend Landcare’s News (www.woodendlandcare.wordpress.com)!

Next Working Bee: Sunday 25th September, Five Mile Creek Enviro Fund Site

Our next working bee is on Sunday 25th of September from 9am till 12pm. Our main aim is to remove as many redundant plant guards as possible from along the Five Mile Creek revegetation sites between Bowen and Pyke streets. With a good turnout we can also get another group to tackle some gorse and some blackberries in this area. Morning tea will be provided to the usual high standard. The landcare tool trailer will be on site but please bring a knife, gloves, some chaff bags or similar and suitable footwear. Parking is best at the north end of Wood St near the gym and St Ambrose schoolyard. As always, newcomers are most welcome and hugely appreciated. For further information contact Peter Yates on panday@bigpond.com.


Based on previous working bee experience we know that removing plant guards is a very child friendly and satisfying job! Here is little local Landcarer, Annie, doing a great job!

Five Mile Creek and Woodend Gardens Plant List

Given the disturbance history of the local area it is hard to say exactly what would have grown where to a fine detail of accuracy. However, with the expert help of Adam Barber, Michelle Patrick, Krista Patterson-Majoor, Peter Yates and David Gossip we have had a go at developing a list of all the indigenous (locally native) plants for this area.

Click here to view Woodend Landcare’s recommended plant list

There are certain ‘rules’ about where native vegetation grows naturally. This list follows these basic rules including geology, soil type, aspect and rainfall. It is worth noting that climate change will allow some species to move in to this area and push some other species out.

The lists are broken up into different plant types (trees and shrubs, herbs, grasses, ferns, lilies and rushes sedges and aquatic herbs). In addition, they indicate the specific areas where the plant species are considered suitable.

We have also provided extra suggestions for plants suitable for home gardens. While these species may not be specifically native to Woodend, they would be found in the Macedon Ranges and have other excellent habitat qualities such as attracting insects and birds.

We hope it will be a useful resource for the Woodend community. Comments or suggestions are welcome, please email woodendlandcare@gmail.com. Thanks heaps to Adam, Peter, Michelle and David for your input.


For over 20 years, Woodend Landcare has planted thousands of native plants along the Five Mile Creek to create a habitat corridor that runs right through the center of town. We hope you can help broaden our impact by using locally native plants in your garden.

Kids in Nature: Explore our favorite local places and attend a Nature Kids Workshop

We believe that getting kids into nature is a very good thing to do. If you head into the Woodend Library over the new few weeks you can check out our new display promoting local places to explore which we know kids love. This display has been especially timed with the library’s school holiday nature activities.

From 11am-12pm on Tuesday the 20th of September join the Victorian National Parks Association to create a magical mini forest inspired by Rachel Tonkin’s magnificent book ‘Leaf Litter’, and help create the library’s Nature Names collage. Ages 6-10yrs. Bookings required through the Woodend Library.



Grant Success! Filling in the Black Gum Gaps along Five Mile Creek

We are thrilled to share that we have recently been successful in obtaining $6650 in funding from the Victorian Government’s Threatened Species Protection Initiative Community Action Grants.

Black Gum (Eucalypus aggregata) is endangered at a state level and is listed in the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1989. In 2015 it was also recommended for listing as ‘Vulnerable’ on the EPBC Act. In Victoria, the species only occurs in a 4 km radius of Woodend. Its limited geographic range makes it highly vulnerable further loss. Hence, the protection of the black gums is a major goal for Woodend Landcare.

Our focus for action is along the Five Mile Creek where Black Gum often remains as isolated trees. In the past year we have successfully cleared most of the major weed infestations along the creek. This project aims to fill these gaps with new black gum plants and associated species. In addition, the small Slatey Creek population has high conservation value as it is relatively undisturbed and we will continue our restoration work in this important area.

Our major goals of this project are:
1. Revegetate newly cleared 2 hectare area along Five Mile Creek with 1000 plants;
2. Remove remaining large willow trees and any other major weed infestations;
3. Involve the local community in working bees and tree planting events.

five mile creek.jpg

Our focus for action is along the Five Mile Creek where Black Gum often remains as isolated trees

Frogs! Want to learn how to identify them?

Newham Landcare presents Richard Akers who will talk about the importance of frogs in the ecosystem, frog identification, sounds, the frog census, what we need to do to maintain a frog-friendly environment.
When: Friday September 23, Newham Mechanics Institute Hall.
7pm drinks and nibblies, 7.30 presentation. Supper to follow.
RSVP: Helen Scott at orseda@bigpond.com or 0412 582 526


Macedon Ranges Shire Environment Events 2016-17

The shire have developed a brilliant program of environment evens for the year ahead featuring Tim Flannery, woodland birds, spotlight tours and more.

Click here to view their event calendar 2016


Want More Landcare News?

Our Regional Landcare Coordinator, Tess Grieves, has sent through the September 2016 edition of the North Central Chat. Inside you’ll find plenty of great news stories and interesting courses coming up. CLICK HERE to view the newsletter.

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