Woodend Landcare News: October 2016

Next Working Bee: Sunday 23rd October. Note location change!
Our next Sunday working bee is on the 23rd of October from 9 am till 12 pm and we will meet at Ruby McKenzie park in Tennyson St*. Tasks include whipper snipping of long grass around our plantings at two nearby sites, plant guard maintenance and we would like to send a team along the creek to cut off and poison any new emerging Willow trees. Equipment required could include gloves, boots, ear and eye protection (if whipper snipping), sunhat and sunglasses, old clothes, whipper snipper, secateurs etc. The tool trailer will be on site and morning tea is provided. For further details contact David on 5427 4117. Please RSVP to our catering coordinator, Jo at rasbrooks@westnet.com.au. Newcomers most welcome.

*Please note this is a change of location compared to our published calendar and article in the Woodend Star.


‘Willow Attack’ Working Bee, February 2016 – this site looks a lot different now and significant grass growth is threatening our plantings.

Black Gum Research
At our October committee meeting we were very fortunate to be joined by Michelle Patrick from the Macedon Ranges Shire. Michelle is in the final stages of her Masters research on the Black Gum (Eucalyptus aggregata) and she shared some of her important findings with our group.

Michelle has surveyed 22 out of the 27 known Black Gum sites around Woodend, retracing the steps of the original survey undertaken in 1994. This original survey led to its listing as endangered on the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act and the corresponding Action Statement.

There are two key populations in Woodend – the Five Mile Creek floodplain and the Slatey Creek floodplain. Michelle has also found four new populations at Romsey Road, Hanging Rock, off Ashbourne Road and in Plants Lane. She has also identified the odd scattered individual tree.

Some of the good news from Michelle’s research includes;

  • There has been a dramatic reduction in woody weeds threatening the populations. In 1994 there was 50-90% coverage of woody weeds, now there is 5-20% coverage. This is largely due to the on-going hard work of Woodend Landcare over the years and a great result.
  •  All of the landholders who have black gums on their property are keen to be involved in further protection work.
  • The amount of public land that the populations are in has increased from 40% in 1994 to 60% today due mostly to the new Calder Freeway. This means they have potentially increased protection and works can be undertaken in these areas to enhance the populations.

Some not so good news from the research includes:

  • Some populations have been lost due to the new freeway and powerline clearing.
  • As Black Gums are found in floodplains, some populations are threatened by stream bank erosion.
  • Some sites do not have any natural regeneration occurring possibly due to grazing and woody weed competition.

Michelle is completing her thesis with some recommendations for further protection for the species. This may include;

  • Reviewing the vegetation protection overlays to include the new populations.
  • Connecting the two floodplain populations.
  • Protecting and enhancing populations on private land.
  • Improving the understory around populations to include more native ground covers.
  • Completing further research into what drives natural recruitment.

In Victoria, Black Gums are only found in a 4km radius of Woodend.

Last Working Bee: EnviroFund Site
We were thrilled with the turn-out to our last working bee at the EnviroFund site between the Children’s Park and Bowen St. The great news is that all the plant guards around this revegetation area have now been removed. We may return to this area next year and look at putting in some understory and ground cover plants into our revegetation areas. We also managed to fix up the 2016 Trees for Mum site which had suffered a little flood damage. The good news is that nearly all plants are still flourishing! Thanks heaps to everyone who came and helped out – we hope to see you all again on the 23rd. The morning was proof that many hands certainly makes light work!

Check out the following images from the day (and one of the EnviroFund site from 2006).


Are you a wild family of Woodend?
CLICK HERE to view the Wild Families in the Macedon Ranges brochure developed by the Victorian National Parks Association in conjunction with Woodend Landcare and the Macedon Ranges Shire Council. The brochure offers some great tips to discover, learn about and look after nature with the family in our local area. Thanks to the Victorian National Parks Association for making this brochure happen. Its another fantastic resource for our community.


Woodend Landcare Library
Woodend Landcare have a small library of books which our members can access, CLICK HERE to view. A huge thanks to Linda for housing the books and compiling the list. If you would like to access any of these resources email us at woodendlandcare@gmail.com.

Interesting Up-Coming Local Events

Friday 14th October 2016: Hanging Rock Reserve – Understand the new Environmental
Management Plan … and learn how to make your place more wildlife friendly, Newham Click here for more information.

Saturday 15th October 2016: Woodland Birds Talk with Sean Dooley (Birdlife Australia) and Tanya Loos (Connecting Country) Click here for more information

Tuesday 18th October 2016: Upper Campaspe Landcare Network AGM
Melbourne QC Brian Walters will be speaking about “The Poetry Of Country – Why Looking After the Land Makes us Whole.
Where: Upstairs at The Royal George Hotel,24 Piper St Kyneton.
When: Tuesday 18th October 5.45 pm for meal,6.30 pm for talk. AGM 7 – 9 pm.
RSVP: by 15th October to landcaregrp.carlsruhe@gmail.com or 0428878048.

Saturday 23rd October: Bald Hill Wildflower Walk
Microsoft Word - New date 22 Oct Landcare through the Lens and W
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  1. Is there any way at all that I can get a better copy of the Friends of Bald Hill Res walk flyer? It’s unreadable at this size.

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