Landcare at the Woodend Children’s Festival Sunday, 27 July

Prepare to be inspired at this exciting mid-winter festival!

Sunday, 27 July 2014 10am to 3pm

Buffalo Stadium, Forest Street, Woodend

The Best Nest: Landcare

The Best Nest is an interactive space that seeks to create and celebrate the hidden homes of our fine-feathered friends. It offers little people and big people an opportunity to work together to construct a nest made from natural and recycled materials. “I love my house, I love my nest, in all the world, my nest is best” sings the Mother Bird in the book The Best Nest. We invite you to join us to investigate and explore what makes The Best Nest.

Krista Patterson-Majoor and Sam Ford live on the edge of Woodend with their two children Banjo and Daisy. They enjoy being in the bush and sharing the wonders of the natural world with children….more on The Best Nest here

One thought on “Landcare at the Woodend Children’s Festival Sunday, 27 July

  1. Such a fantastic workshop where everything had been thought of. My girls loved making their nests and are still nurturing and playing with it and the little clay birds eggs inside. Well done Krista, Sam and volunteers!

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